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Abhimunya Classes for Competitive Exams
Roypara More
P.O. – Guptipara
P.S. – Balagarh
Dist. – Hooghly
West Bengal, India – 712512

·         Guptipara is located in the middle of Hooghly, Nadia and Burdwan districts.
·         From Kolkata and Nabadweep side you will get trains Howrah-Katwa and Bandel-Katwa locals to reach us.
·         From Nadia district you have to reach Shantipur Town and then have a ferry to Guptipara.
·         From anywhere of Hooghly and Burdwan district you can a get a bus towards Guptipara or Kalna, After reaching Kalna you have to go for a train, Bus or Auto to Guptipara.
·         After reaching Guptipara you can get a Riksaw, Auto, Tracker or Toto to reach Roypara More or Abhimunya Classes for Competitive Exams.

Contact Numbers
1.        Mr Udit Biswas – 9153173589
2.       Mr Rajesh Banerjee – 8513990570
3.       Mr Tapas Roy – 8145139697
4.      Office Number – 9735972951

E-mails1.        E-Mail to ACCE

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