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Abhimunya Classes for Competitive Exams is a happening institute in West Bengal for the aspirants who are trying to crack Government jobs. The founders and the trainers of Abhimunya Classes for Competitive Exams are from semi-town or village background with a mission to prepare the students for any competitive exams in the country and the state.
Abhimunya Classes for Competitive Exams is located in Guptipara in Hooghly district of West Bengal. Abhimunya Classes for Competitive Exams have started its Nobel journey in December 2014. From then till date we have provided 50% success rates in the field of competitive exams. This is the fact of our successful running institute.
You might be thinking that everyone tells like that, business must be their first priority, you are absolutely right. A person runs a business because they want to earn. But you must know that our competitors like RICE, MICE, and TIME etc. are offering the course fees at least 2000% more than us. No typing mistakes you have seen correct 2000% or 20 times more than us.
Our mission is to provide correct information and paths to the candidates for competitive exams in our neighbourhood villages and towns. If a person can pay Rs 80,000 for studying this then why he/she would not opt other career oriented courses? Are we correct? That is why; Deep Chatterjee (A famous person and a genius student of Guptipara-Balagarh area) had started it with some of his qualified friends in this segment.
We provide materials and other stuffs of 70% course fee you paid. 20% is used for infrastructure like classroom improvement and facilities like library. Rest 10% is used for maintenance and teachers remuneration. It seems to be a lough element but this is the truth. You can cross check it with our students.
 In the villages of West Bengal people are from different socio-economic background, mostly lower financial background. So we provide all the assistance in lowest costs. You will be astonished to hear about the fees we offer.
We will request you to come and see it by your eyes to know the facts and let us tell you how good we are. We are definitely not the best in West Bengal, but we can be. Our faculty have the determinations and administrators have the experiences. We will not tell you that we are the best but we will tell you how an aspirant can be the best.
Coming to the main point, a candidate searches the premium qualities in an institute to have a very good Mathematics and English teaching. So friends Abhimunya Classes for Competitive Exams gives you the superior quality teaching in these two subjects, better than any other institute in West Bengal. Regarding the other subjects you will feel the difference between others and us. Our care is much student oriented and it’s great news for candidates.
Talking about teaching we have a vast panel of teachers to help you in different subjects. Our trainer and student ratio is 3:1, which means we have one teacher for every 3 students. Isn’t it sounds very good? Visit the faculty pages for more information.
To know more about our institute please visit our Abhimunya Classes for Competitive Exams office any day. You and your thinking are always welcome.

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